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When I was young


Some pictures from my childhood

One show me with Gerti, the other one with my sister
On 2 pic I'm with a young goat.

That time people which owned a small piece of land kept goats and a pig. The goats were called "Eisenbahnerkuh". No idea how to translate in English but could mean something like "poor peoples cow".
The farmers, which were the rich folks at that time, called these people "Häuslleit" and looked down on them.

Time has changed and no one keep goats, pig, chicken or any other kind of animals. But that time, everyone had his own bio food.
I still remember the taste of a piece of bread with butter made of goat milk. Jam on top, you felt like a king on a state lunch.

Here we are, Klaus - Reni - Andrea - me - Kurt

We grow up in the same house.
Klaus and Andrea I lost contact after they moved to Linz only Kurt I met some time ago

First color picture of my family

Another big day in my life.
It is called "First holy communion" and a big day for catholics.

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